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test IO lets you test your mobile and web apps with thousands of professional testers.

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We've combined the creativity of human testers with the latest crowdsourcing technology. The result is a powerful platform that harnesses human intelligence to test your apps under real world conditions. It has never been easier to discover functional issues, get unbiased UX insight, and know when you're ready to ship!

Know before you go

Know when you're ready to ship

View bugs at a glance

Preview your app's rating

Get an overview of the bugs in your app. All bugs are checked before you see them - we don't waste your time.

The release readiness score tells you if you're ready to ship based on functional issues and usability suggestions from professional testers.

Our testers rate your app on a scale from 1 to 5. It's like having a crystal ball.

Performed by people, powered by technology.

"The combination of our automated tests and continuous human testing gives us the confidence to ship faster and more often."

Test your app on all devices

Make sure that your software works everywhere. Run your web or mobile app on a variety of real devices and under real-world conditions. Select the devices you need based on type, manufacturer, operating system, and browser.

All your testing in one place

Run all types of testing

Run exploratory tests to use the full creativity of our testers. Or use test cases with pre-defined steps. 

It only takes few minutes to set up a test. Schedule when a test should start and specify how long it should run. 

Set up tests within minutes

Test your web & mobile apps

Simply add all your websites and mobile apps by providing a link or by uploading your latest build.

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